Consumer products companies have recently sought to attain profitable growth by extending business scale and scope while simultaneously rationalizing operations. Although each sector—durables, consumables, apparel, specialty goods, etc.—has faced its own unique issues, there are some common challenges for consumer business leaders.

Across consumer markets, growth has become a greater challenge; increases in wealth, growth in population and opening of new markets has already played out for many. Competition among companies, brands, products, and marketing messages has become even more intense, limiting pricing power, raising promotion budgets, and decreasing the time before “me too” products appear. Consumers’ attitudes, needs, and shopping behaviors are increasingly diverse, forcing a fundamental reconsideration of product management, communications, and marketing investments.

Consumer products companies face new challenges created by complex consumer and shopper behavior, retail consolidation and emerging markets. But these same challenges also open new routes to profitable growth. For companies in the consumer products, the pace of change is breakneck, global volatility is guaranteed, and fierce competition comes at every turn.

How We Help

To help consumer goods companies effectively serve emerging and mature markets, Beacon brings efficient operating models, processes that manage scale and complexity, and strategies to drive growth.

We partner with consumer products companies to address their most important strategic, operational, and organizational issues. Our focus on delivering lasting competitive advantage has helped our clients succeed in an increasingly challenging marketplace.

We help leading companies worldwide address their challenges—from materials sourcing, top-line growth, and complexity, to customer loyalty—and position their organizations for future success. We assist in accelerating brand and category growth, expanding into new markets or optimizing costs, to name just a few.