The government is looking to the private sector for financing and expertise while infrastructure companies are looking to government to invest more in infrastructure for a country's overall competitiveness. Meanwhile, the private sector as a whole is concerned about the inadequacy of basic infrastructure. Both the public sector and private infrastructure companies are concerned about funding and the need for community support for infrastructure to progress. At the same time, the demand for infrastructure development in emerging markets is creating talent shortages and disruptive events are threatening infrastructure - changing the nature of risk which needs to be managed, in both the public and private sectors.

In light of growing government involvement in private sector activities, either through ownership or regulation, infrastructure CEOs are changing their views on the role and influence of government in the key areas that impact on business. Government and regulators are a key stakeholder.

How We Help

Infrastructure and construction companies are facing multiple challenges in this globalized marketplace. We help organizations optimize their operational efficiency, lower their cost of service and meet customer demand for mobility.

Our team provides actionable and value-focused advice on infrastructure assets. We help clients determine what to build, how to do it more quickly and cost efficiently, and how to invest in and enhance the value of existing infrastructure.

Our approach on Infrastructure is built on following three fundamentals

  • Increasing collaboration between public sector and business leaders.
  • Build infrastructure resilience, addressing risk from multiple perspectives.
  • Close the talent shortage gap by encouraging global mobility and international experience.