While the developing global economy offers enormous growth potential for the logistics industry players, it also brings more intricate supply chains, higher costs and tighter regulatory demands. To achieve greater competitive advantage in this environment, these companies must overcome many challenges to transform themselves and survive, and then thrive and grow.

Deregulation and privatization, intensifying competition, infrastructure bottlenecks, globalization, new technologies and systems—and an ever-increasing need for better quality—are just some of the challenges the logistics industry is facing.

How We Help

Our Logistics Practice helps clients transform challenges into growth opportunities and competitive advantage. Expertise in areas such as network management and pricing and revenue management supplements our strong foundation in strategy, operations, and organizational development

Few industries are as demanding as logistics. Beacon helps transportation and logistics companies take swift and decisive action in the face of unforgiving timetables, complex pricing decisions and volatile fuel costs. We work with leaders in this sector to tackle these issues by developing innovative solutions that simply work.