Operations form the bulk of value addition in the development and delivery of a product / service. For traditional manufacturing firms operating out of brick-and-mortar manufacturing units to aspiring services firms operating out of wired-and-networked office spaces, operations are at the heart of product / service delivery and client satisfaction.

Our operations excellence approach focuses on core operations areas like operations planning, workforce management and scheduling, line design / balancing, process / product quality control, and equipment maintenance. We help organizations institutionalize process and techniques aimed at increasing operations flexibility, improving equipment / asset uptime and availability, and optimally deploying resources to minimize slack. Thus, our comprehensive operations excellence approach, combined with relentless thrust on institutionalizing process for continuous improvement and innovation, helps us create an organization-wide operations excellence culture.

Besides, we assist organizations in creating operations coordination teams which work closely with support functions like procurement, logistics, and S&D towards ensuring end-to-end supply chain excellence in the organization. We also assist clients in creating a comprehensive 3rd party management system to closely coordinate with 3rd party service providers for various operations related products and services. Some of our key offerings in this section are

  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Six Sigma
  • Value Stream Mapping