Pharmaceuticals companies searching for better performance must define their competitive essence, determine how to out-structure and out-execute their competition and choose the proper change journey that leads to sustainable growth and innovation.

Biopharmaceutical companies are pressured by increasingly sophisticated and price-sensitive customers, regulatory regimes that are more conservative than before, reduced research and development (R & D) productivity, and increased intensity in competition. Executives seeking competitive advantage, therefore, are asking a number of questions

  • What changes should we make to thrive in the new environment?
  • How can we reduce our costs without affecting critical capabilities?
  • How can we optimize supply chain and manufacturing efficiency?

How We Help

Our services help pharmaceuticals companies transform into high-performance businesses that can succeed in a competitive and rapidly evolving global industry. We work with leading innovators in pharmaceuticals and medical products to ask the right questions, provide insights, and deliver results. We help clients build capabilities to deliver lasting business impact.

Beacon helps clients formulate strategies and translate them into action. We work with clients to transform their companies, improve effectiveness, increase productivity, and build new capabilities. Beacon works along all functions of the value chain, including commercial operations, supply chain and manufacturing, and general and administrative (G & A) concerns.

We help companies optimize operations and adapt to fast-evolving market realities, enhancing the effectiveness of sales forces, improving the impact from marketing operations, optimizing pricing and go-to-market strategies for specific products, and helping develop new mechanisms and capabilities to build value across the product life cycle. We also help companies develop and implement optimal network and supply strategies.