With a focus to make strategies effective, we help our clients in planning and integrating the Supply Chain components into a synchronized and responsive operating system. We deploy state of the art modeling techniques coupled with deep functional expertise to develop processes which can absorb business variations smoothly and respond to the market sentiments appropriately.

At Beacon we understand industry specific challenges and the need to transform Supply Chains into Value Delivery Networks. Thus our planning frameworks are highly customizable to address every critical nuance of the process. This ensures that the delivered system is Responsive, Cost-effective and is capable to monitor the impact of decision making at multiple levels of the organization.

Our Supply Chain Planning solutions provide global, end-to-end optimization and visibility across various functions like procurement, manufacturing, distribution, etc thereby driving improved service levels, lower cost of operations and distinct business advantage. Armed with Predictive Analytics capabilities these solutions also help clients to simulate and estimate Supply Chain Risks and likely reactions to unplanned events.