For a large number of organizations, RM procurement cost is a major factor in their entire operating cost. For some organizations, procuring the required material at the right cost is a key to competitive advantage. For some others, ensuring the quality of procured materials is the strategic need. For yet another set of organizations, even ensuring continuous supply of raw materials is a challenge.

We understand these varying procurement needs of our clients and offer specific solutions to gear them towards achieving procurement excellence. This is done through a detailed framework covering the policies, processes and support systems in the procurement function. Our approach focuses on procurement activities ranging from detailed Material Requirements Planning to RM Requirements Consolidation, Strategic Sourcing, and Order and Call-off Management. We also help clients establish varying procurement policies and processes for different material classes through a Strategic Materials Management Framework. This framework also helps us integrate Procurement with Inventory Management function to ensure on-time in-full availability of raw materials for operations.

Our approach to Procurement also focuses on integrating processes with suppliers. This is done after proper selection of suppliers via an exhaustive Contracting Lifecycle Approach which ensures that robust frameworks are created for our clients that facilitate cost effective sourcing and best in class suppliers.

This is done in conjunction with joint formulation and deployment of procurement policies and processes. We help organizations take a comprehensive supplier management approach through our Vendor Lifecycle Management framework.