For most of the organizations, sales and distribution form the front end points of customer interaction. They deliver the desired products and services to the customers and act as an important barometer of an organization’s health and performance. The sales and distribution activities assume so much significance, particularly in the customers’ perception, that a lot many organizations, which operate across the manufacturing chain, are driven by sales departments.

At Beacon, we appreciate the significance of sales and distribution and ensure that this customer facing end of an organization exceeds expectations on all fronts of customer service. Towards this, we deploy our well heeled Sales and Distribution Management Framework which focuses on ensuring goods availability and creating sufficient push for the products in the market. Our framework is based on understanding customer demand through a thorough analysis of sales and demand patterns, which helps us develop sales forecasting models based on real time data and customer buying behavior. This forecast is then used for demand planning with the motive of ensuring on-time in-full availability of products and services. This is followed by a detailed distribution optimization exercise involving focus on regular delivery of products to depots and warehouses in line with product off-take and inventory level requirements. This exercise is complemented by proper personnel scheduling for comprehensive knowledge of stock positions and pushing product sales at retailer points through displays and advice. Developing appropriate sales promotions packages to further accelerate sales, and continuously improving the promotions through effectiveness analysis are other aspects of sales that we excel at.