Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping is a robust process improvement methodology which has a wide spectrum of applications across sectors and industries.

A visual representation of the value stream is the most essential step in the VSM journey.

We help our clients by doing this piece of VSM as part of complimentary diagnostics. This helps us to get a deeper understanding of the process and estimate actual realizable benefits. Thus our commit to clients is based on careful evaluation rather than intuitive estimation.

An exhaustive as is VSM also lays the foundation for this kind of engagement. The VSM represent each process levels activity along with dependencies on time, resources and other critical parameters. This is followed by a thorough analysis and segregation of Non Value and Value adding steps. Thus the process redesign is initiated which eliminates waste non value adding steps thereby trimming the process off excess baggage.

At Beacon we understand that a VSM is one of the key steps towards the Lean Journey and its success lays the foundation for Agile and Profitable organizations.