Organization Design

An organization’s design is one of the most critical elements which support execution and growth. It is also imperative to have a structure which encourages individual growth as well. Mapping a talent pool to a structural framework requires greater degree of flexibility and innovation.

Following a traditional hierarchical organization structure might not get the best out of the workforce and hence needs serious evaluation. Also the internal processes of the organization have to be streamlined in order to drive efficiency around it. The internal customer also needs to be treated like the external and this paradigm shift is necessary to be reflected in the modern organization design.

We at Beacon help our clients identify the correct set of drivers for business delivery and growth. This forms the backbone of the organization design. Multiple variables like Industry, Sector, Employee Strength, Average age, Gender Mix, etc. have to be factored into a robust analytical framework.

Thus our clients are better positioned with the backend structure to meet the market needs and the rapidly changing socio-economic scenario.