A Continuous Replenishment Program is a collaborative effort amongst downstream Supply Chain partners to drive efficiencies in the distribution system enabled by greater sharing of information between the trading partners. Demand driven rapid response is achieved by scientifically managing & continuously monitoring the material flows & inventories at each decoupling point of the supply network.

The responsibility of managing inventory at the distributor-retailer warehouse and placing orders is transferred to the company (vendor).There is real time exchange of information between the trading partners, leading to coordinated planning & effort apart from facilitating trust in the long term

Based on above principles, Our CRP Model is feature heavy and implementation light. It is also loaded with Data Analytics capabilities, which helps to continuously improve it with respect to client specific business processes

Apart from financial gains, the greatest benefit that our CRP delivers to our clients is that it brings all downstream supply chain partners at a common platform with an objective to serve the end customer. It leads to collaboration in the “real sense” with long term benefits of Promotion Management, New Product Introduction, etc. resulting in increased sales.

Having proven expertise in CPR, we have active long term engagements with leading Fortune 100 companies on continual basis.

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