Supply Chain Strategy

Whereas the business strategy is driven by the long term vision of the organization and its core competence, the Supply Chain Strategy focuses on deriving the right mix of operations and entire value chain alignment in line with the overall business plan.

We at Beacon understand that without a reliable supply chain in place, the best of strategic planning cannot generate results. We also appreciate that every organization is unique and is driven by different goals and aspirations. Hence, in any industry and operating environment, every organization would, and must, have a unique vision and a complimenting Supply Chain Strategy tailored to its needs and capabilities.

Our strategy development approach is driven by an understanding of our client business objectives and we merge it with operational realities. Here we leverage our operations expertise to iteratively develop an executable strategy based on ground level realities. An exhaustive cost-benefit analysis is an integral part of this exercise so as to not only ensure strategic alignment but also deliver profitable returns. The strategy could focus on asset management, network design, channel management, sourcing, delivery, transportation and a plethora of activities that define the supply chain.

Further, we facilitate the implementation of the devised strategy by helping organizations evolve detailed project plans outlining the key activities, timelines, resource requirements and expected outcomes. Additionally, we prepare our clients for various alternative scenarios likely to emerge over the timelines of the implementation phase and the alternative routes that the client would need to take in each scenario.